Goods for sports and recreational activities

Pieces of advice to those that consider hiking to be not of importance by itself, but what is essential is the possibility to do something together with teenagers. Have you ever lived in a tent? You are likely to have a desire to show your pupils what does it feel like? But you don't know what to begin with. Let's try planning this piece of your collective summer life. Goods for sports and recreational activities are offered by the online store at an accessible cost and in a wide assortment.

Before you set about arranging a camp, you should define for what and for whom you want it to be carried-out, what the number of participants suggested is, what the amount of your resources is and what resources should be found additionally.

A tented camp can be imagined to be an event requiring fewer amounts of financial investments than the payment for trip tickets for “fixed site.” But you shouldn't believe that you only need to find financing providing participants’ nutrition. For making everyone's (whether teenager or adult) living in forest comfortable it is needed for you to have personal equipment — a sleeping bag, camping mat (foam mat), raincoat, etc. A group's equipment includes tents, canvas covers, crockery for cooking your meal on fire, etc. If you are planning to arrange work-rooms it will also require buying outfits and materials. Besides, you need to allocate the resources for all participants and equipment to move from the town to the forest and back. Therefore, the project budget has several compulsory items that if not being secured, it makes the carrying-out of your camp impossible.

Goods for sports and recreational activities: online store in aid of arranging summer tented camp for children

When the aims and tasks are defined, you can proceed to preparation directly. These are three directions: work with professionals' team, work with teenagers, technical preparation.

From the moment of taking a decision respecting carrying-out to the day of your departure for a camp the following things should happen:

  1. Defining the composition of members' team.
  2. Defining the composition of teenagers' team — the participants of camping.
  3. Preparing a full set of equipment, equipping, row materials needed while you are in a camp, purchasing food products, providing a camp with transport means, achieving agreements with forestry or territorial form of government. It is of importance to arrange contact (we hope it will not be in handy to you) with a hospital closest to the place of conducting your event, local police station and a department of Federal Rescue Service.

The parameters needed to be taken into account while choosing a spot for your camp are the existence of drink water, firewood, a water body for swimming. And what else of importance is the lack of an inhabited locality within a radius of up to 5 km (of common accesses on foot) and a site being in the direct neighborhood that is attended by local inhabitance.

For us camping means not only the nature, but new people and knowledge, and that is for teenagers to make an acquaintance with the center’s specialists, work together with psychologists, take a part in trainings.