Goods for sport fishing

It's no secret to anyone that modern fishing is divided into two big kinds. They are amateur and sport fishing. Sometimes they intersect one another, but nevertheless, they are two separate worlds. Some fishermen-amateurs believe that a fisherman-athlete is somebody that participates in competitions. People who distanced themselves from fishing don't even understand how it can be that fishing is a kind of sports, as they believe the success of fishing to be a matter of chance. Let's deal with what's the difference between amateur and sports fishing as well as between a fisherman-athlete and a man with a bamboo fishing rod on the bank of the river...

The first and the most essential difference between sport fishing and amateur fishing is the distinction of aims and tasks pursued by fishermen. What does an amateur fisherman want? Well, firstly, he wants to catch some fish. Secondly, he wants to enjoy the process of fishing. Thirdly, he wants to spend his time outdoors far from the town. Fishermen-amateurs don't pay lots of their attention to details; if the biting is absent; they just go to another place or blame atmospheric pressure or moon's phases for the failure.

Goods for sport fishing and how it differs from amateur fishing

The approach of fishermen-athletes to the issue is thorough. If the fish doesn't bite, they try to make it bite. And they should think to make it possible. So, a fisherman is thinking: “What is the reason the fish doesn't bite?” And only then he modifies the tackle, adds new components in the bait, changes the method of tapping and the kind of the lure. And he leaves the spot only when he really understands that there is not any fish there.

The aim and task of a fisherman-athlete are to catch fish. Even in those places where there is less of fish and it is very capricious. An athlete works to obtain the result, but he doesn't pursue the aim to grill the fish caught. The whole pleasure of sports fishing is continuous fighting fishermen with one another. That is a kind of intellectual championship, for only those will win who will find out the keys to the fish. An athlete usually releases the fish back into the water. He takes the fish that injured hard with him, as it is most likely to die if it is released back into the water. “If you have caught the fish — release it” — that is the main principle for a fisherman-athlete.

The delusion is a consensual view that a fisherman-athlete must participate in competitions. Of course, the most fishermen of this category regularly take part in festivals and sporting events, but to say in such a categorical tone isn't right. Don't forget that there is such a concept as sports philosophy used in approach.

Goods for sport fishing