Goods for outdoors activities, hunting, fishing: catching a pike

Applying a technique of catching a pike in winter on balancer has plenty of advantages when the fish is quiet. Such a lure is growing increasingly popularity with fishermen, and nibble is sure to be guaranteed during winter fishing.

The specific character of catching a pike on a balancer is stated below. Goods for outdoors activities, hunting, and fishing can be purchased in our online store.

In translate form French the word “balancer” means balance or scales. The device is equipped with the clip attaching the lure to the tipped through the loop, with such a tippet being located on the back of an artificial lure, which supports balance while you are performing tapping in a water body. The feather of the artificial lure is performed in such a way that while it is dropped into the water, it was like a wounded fish.

To decide upon the spot and the choice of the method of catching a pike on balancer in winter, you should remember that the fish doesn’t stay in one place, and in the capacity of its lodging the fish usually chooses a water column.  To track down the fish`s inhabitation roughly you should undertake the next actions:

  • when you are at a lake, you should move 10 m. away from the shore;
  • calculate or measure the depth of 3m.;
  • make 6 holes, it is desirable so that they would be at different places;
  • You can set off to fallen trees or beds of rushes.

These predators hunt nearby, and biting there will be effective. Fishing takes place in a standing position, which allows you to qualitatively perform the tapping. Usually fishermen take balancers at least 15 centimeters, which allows you to cut off other fish, if the fisherman chose for himself only pike.

Goods for outdoors activities, hunting, fishing: what is needed for catching a pike

Fishing for large pike in winter on the balancer passes in this way:

  • a tackle with a lure is being kept in the water for 3 seconds, then gently raised to 15 centimeters;
  • then it is again lowered and raised for 5-6 times;
  • while lowering the lure, you can make light tapping on the bottom of the pond, from which the vibration of the bait will attract a predator.

Among fishermen there is an opinion that the balancer is not a winter lure, so someone prefers to fish in winter and someone in summer. In the open water body pike fishing in winter on the balancer is also held. But for you to get a stopping place you will need a boat to get close to the predator.

Winter fishing for pike on balancer is conducted, as a rule, away from the shore. When it is warm, the fish swims out of the shallows to hunt, so special attention should be paid to places with a drop in the current or where there are some snags.