Goods for outdoor activities in winter: what should be chosen

Depending on the weather conditions, one needs to choose goods for winter outdoor activities. In regions where the climate is mild, you need extra protection against rain, a vacuum bottle and a sleeping bag.

If you are going hiking along snowy piedmonts with staying overnight, you need a heat-insulated tent, inflatable camping mat, trekking poles for overcoming snow obstacles, and a nipple with a closed heat exchanger.

What tent is perfect for winter hiking

A tent for journeys on foot in winter should be double-layered so that it would not let water through because of the snow that has melted a little, and it shouldn't become cold when it is in the wind. It is better to choose arches made of aluminum for your tent: they will not become breakable in the freezing cold unlike fibreglass models, and they will take a hit of the weight of snow even after a snowstorm.

A tent for winter hiking should have a large tambour in which you can cook your meals and keep your equipping. When lots of people are spending the night in a tent, it will be warmer in it, so, when you are going hiking in winter, it is better to choose a model that can accommodate three-four people and invite more your friends.

Goods for outdoor activities in winter: what backpack should be brought with you for winter hiking

When it is winter, you need more things than in summer. It is better to prefer a backpack with a capacity of 70 liters so that your things would not have to be packed tightly. Shoulder straps should include extensive adjustments so that a backpack can be put on over sizable winter clothes.

A backpack should be made of waterproof fabric: it will prevent your things from getting wet. A case to cover your backpack will come in handy for protection against the snow that will be subsequently melting in your tent.

What fiberfill should be chosen for a sleeping bag

Manufacturer stats the figures for thermal comfort on every sleeping bag, such temperature mean that a person will not freeze down in a tent during a night. A criterion depends on the depth of the fiberfill and shape of a sleeping bag. Such models that correspond to a human body's lines tend to keep you warm better than rectangular shaped sleeping bags. 

Sleeping bags with polyester thermal insulation are cheaper, though those with downy thermal insulation are not so heavy and take less of space. But it the downy inside a sleeping bag grows damp, it will cease keeping you warm.

It is better to choose a sleeping bag with downy fiberfill and with Impregnation by water repellent. It will not absorb condensed vapor appearing in a tent during the night.

What camping mat is needed for winter hiking

While you are in a tent, you should spread a camping mat under your sleeping bag so that you would be comfortable and can have a good night's sleep. It isn't convenient to carry such sizeable load with you, so self-inflating mats with extra thermal insulation have been developed for hiking in winter.