Goods for outdoor activities and fishing, the catalogue

A tent is an irreplaceable companion of all travellers, hunters, and, of course, fishermen. You can keep your things in it, and it serves as a shelter from rain or wind, and if needed, you can nap comfortably there. But, unfortunately, far from all tents now being sold correspond to the high quality and reliability degree. How you can choose a perfectly good tent will be told in this article.


The most basic characteristic of a tent is its capacity. You should preliminarily to reflect extensively upon what is the number of people you may need in the future. If possible, it would be better, of course, to buy a two or four-place tent that will allow the owner and his guests to spend the night comfortably.

The number of layers

The tents are divided into one and two-layer. The samples of the first category usually have lighter weight, but they aren't reliable enough and have an essential disadvantage: during the night there are accumulated plenty of vapors resulting from your breathing, which vapor is concentrated closer to the morning and it results in appearing the damp.

In the case of two-layer tents this cons is absent, and as a whole, such models provide better protection against rain and wind.


While examining the tent characteristics, you will meet with the point about waterproofness. The value stated in this column expressed in millimeters isn't a water column that is capable of supporting the tent without letting its appearing inside. You can find the samples with waterproofness of from 800 mm to 8000 mm.

Goods for outdoor activities and fishing, the catalogue: the tent characteristics

The tambour and the quantity of entrances

In the tent aimed to be used during fishing, it is enough to have a single entrance, no matter what is the size of the tent. The tambour is a convenient place for keeping backpacks, sizable things, shoes, and fishing accessories.

Mosquito net

The most models of tents have the entrance with a special mosquito net attached, which is vitally of relevance in the warm season. In summer, when it is hot even in the night-time, you can open the “entrance door”, leaving only the mosquito net zipped. Thus, additional airing and mosquito protection are provided.


Now the tents with aluminum arcs and arcs made of glass fibre are quite popular. As a general guide, the models with aluminum arcs cost slightly cheaper, by 10-20%. The cost difference is mainly tied to the weight, as aluminum is a lighter material.

Goods for outdoor activities and fishing the catalogue