Goods for leisure activity for you to buy

While choosing a sleeping bag, it is of importance to remember about existing of 3 kinds of such travelling equipment:

  • a sleeping bag for hiking;
  • a sleeping bag for camping;
  • a sleeping bag to sleep in outdoor in extreme weather conditions.

Only having decided upon a purpose of a sleeping bag, you will not failure with your choice. Goods for leisure activity can be bought now in the online store.

By the type of design the sleeping bag are divided into categories by important classifications.

All who are going hiking should know that there are two main constructions of a sleeping bag: a blanket type sleeping bag and a sleeping bag- cocoon.

A blanket type sleeping bag is called in such a way, because it reminds a usual blanket by its outer look, but having a long separable zipper-fastener. Due to such zipper sleeping bags can be attached to one another making a single construction with more capacity.

Sleeping bag is the same sleeping bag-blanket, but its difference from a usual sleeping bag-blanket is the existence of the hood.

A sleeping bag - cocoon has the shape of trapezoid growing narrower in the area of feet and widening closer to the head. As in the case of sleeping bag-blanket, such kind of sleeping bag has the hood and the long lengthwise zipper. Sleeping bags of cocoon type take less of space and are considered to be more comfortable for separate overnight stops.

Goods for leisure activity for you to buy: quality sleeping bags

The third aspect for choosing is the quality of a sleeping bag.

Requirements to comfortableness, sustainability to deformations and amortization of sleeping bag are quite high. Only the camping inventory from a branded manufacturer can correspond to them to the full extent.

Sleeping bags from well-known brands always have a technical warranty certificate and technical passport. In the last document all types of outer and inner cloth are well-defined, as well as the temperature range of using such camping inventory.

The temperature scale on a sleeping bag of quality will tell its buyer of minimal temperature with which comfortable sleeping is guaranteed to a tourist. Such markers can be different for men and women.

The temperature of feeling comfort is a temperature range with which a person can sleep without feeling cold whole night.

The temperature of extreme is a temperature range with which a sleeping bag protects a person against hypothermia (undercooling). That is about 6 hours of uncomfortable sleeping but without reducing temperature toward dangerous exponents.