Goods for leisure activities, hunting, and fishing

All winter fishing enthusiast look forward coming the cold weather, can't wait while ice fetters rivers' and lakes' mirror-like surfaces. While waiting, they don't waste their time in vain, checking whether everything is ready to their appearing on the ice surface. Apart from clothes and other equipment, each fan of ice fishing carefully check their baits for winter fishing regarding what needs repairing, what should be purchased, so that for you to be entirely prepared to coming the season of winter catching.

Baits for winter fishing were placed into separate categories of products produced by manufacturers; and the reason for this is their growing popularity. So, the specifics should be taken into account, namely low temperatures, particularities of catching and fish's behavior features in winter period.

The process of choosing baits for catching fish while you are on ice surface isn't less interesting than choosing those for summer fishing. Sure, the variety of baits for winter fishing isn't so wide, but, in spite of that fact, a variant for fish nibble is sure to be found, and we will try to help you in that.

Goods for leisure activities, hunting, and fishing: ice fishing jigs

It is considered, that for winter fishing, ice fishing jig is a number one lure. The structure of this bait is very simple, that is a hook (it can be single, double, or even treble), which is brazed-in a piece of metallic.

A fishing jig is believed to be multi-purpose bait for winter fishing; it can be applied both with a head and without it. A fishing jig is a lure for catching almost every kind of non-predatory fish and that is one more advantage of its multipurposeness. Ice fishing jigs are classified correspondingly to the way of their applying (jigs with a head, or jigs without it), as well as to their size, shape, and weight.

Let's stick with the most popular:

  • A pellet — that is a classic currently becoming a thing of the past, as it is used increasingly rare today and represents a bolus made of lead with a single hook. It demonstrates itself well while being used in the capacity of winter lure for catching a crucian or roach.
  • An ant is a jig simulated an insect, with its head and body clearly segregated, and sometimes it is applied with feathering. As a lure for winter fishing such a jig is perfectly suitable for catching a roach or perch.
  • A lentil — that is a jig with the shape reminding a grain slightly elongated, with its bulge part adverting to the bottom. It provides additional “playfulness”, as while being fixed on the fishing line it usually hangs at an angle. That is irreplaceable thing when used in the capacity of a lure for winter fishing aimed at a bream.
  • A sand hopper — the appearance of such a jig represents a drop slightly elongated, and reminds an arthropod inhabiting in water. This is a most preferable jig in the capacity of a lure for winter fishing for a perch or roach.
  • Devil fishing lure — that is a jig often used without a head, it is a drop turned upside down by its appearance, while one or several hooks can be present at the thin tip of the lure. As bait for winter fishing it demonstrates quite well results when used for catching a roach, perch, and skimmer bream.

As a rule, a fan of ice fishing should have a sufficient number of different fishing jigs amongst his fishing gears. There doesn't exist any general recipe, everything comes with experience, through trial and error, but as usual, when the weather is cloudy, bright jigs are applied, regardless of shape, while dim ones will be suitable in sunny weather.