Previously, a crucian carp was considered to be heat-loving fish and that scarcely active during winter. Now, thanks to knowledge and skills needed many fishermen can afford to make a boast of fish soup cooked from crucian carps caught in winter. Goods for outdoor activities can be bought in our online store.

It is received wisdom that a crucian carp is the most unpredictable freshwater fish, and for that reason it is quite difficult to predict when it will begin to nibble, especially during winter. Meanwhile, you shouldn't base on your fortune only; there exist several consistencies, which will help you to fill your box for winter fishing with a crucian carp caught. So, what are water bodies suitable for winter fishing on a crucian carp? Above all, you should search for a water body with sandy bottom, which is rich of air and it is better that it would be of enclosed-type. But not in all cases such criteria are needed to abide. A crucian carp can arrange itself for wintering on the muddy bottom of a small gulf of a large water body. However, if there are not any other kinds of fish apart from a crucian carp in this water body, it will not nibble in winter.

During winter a crucian carp is caught, as a rule, with a winter jig, with the result of such catching depending largely on a tackle applied and the fishing method being used. If you are going catching with a spring bobber rod, you should use a common winter fishing rod that has a beckoning flexible tip acceptable to a fisherman. While catching a crucian carp with a float rod, it should be made whether by yourself or bought in a dedicated shop. Winter fishing of a crucian carp with a float fishing rod is specific and executed at shallow depths, and a fisherman have to find a place located at some distance from the hole so that the fish would not be frightened. For this purpose elongated fishing rods are used.  More often fishermen do them single-handedly from the tips of telescopic fishing rod butts.

The main criteria that should be guided while choosing a beckoning flexible tip are its size and flexibility. It should be nor wide no long, and at the same time, it must response distinctly to the weakest biting. Most fishermen prefer using beckons made of a mylar leaf. It is recommended to use beckons with the adjustable length.

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It can't be said that for catching a crucian carp in winter you need to use a particular type of jigs. If possible, you should utilize a jig of the smallest size made of lead or tungsten steel. If the ice is quite thick and catching executes at the depth of above 2 meters, you must use jigs with light colours, otherwise, it is better to choose dark colours. A fishing line should be chosen with the accordance to the size of fish habiting in a water body.

The method of playing with a jig while catching a crucian carp from the ice requires a particular attention. Several types of technics of playing with a jig are applied. In the first case, a jig is slowly dipped onto the bottom, and, having sustained a short pause, it is raised up by 10-15 centimeters. Then such movements are repeated. While performing such playing, the nibble usual follows after a jig reaches the bottom. The other fruitful method of playing with a jig is your moving it while the jig is on the bottom.