Equipment for ice fishing

It is better to prepare for the icy winter season in advance. If you are skilled in ice fishing, then skip this article. We are going to answers the questions that beginners have when preparing for ice fishing. So, what does a beginner need to take for winter fishing?

  • Warm clothes
  • Fishing tackles
  • An ice pick, ice auger
  • A fishing lure, bait
  • A fishing box, folding chair
  • A fish tank
  • A scoop
  • A depth gauge
  • A feeder
  • A tent
  • A hook
  • A box for mosquito larva
  • A camping mat
  • Rescue equipment for ice fishing
  • A sled
  • A backpack, thermos
  • A rope, candles
  • The cloth for wiping hands

Let's consider some staff in more detail.

  • Ice pick. Some fishers, especially the newcomers, do not know what it is. So, an ice pick is a percussion type instrument.  Most often it has a wooden handle and a steel pointed tip. A fisher checks the thickness of the ice with them.
  • Ice auger. A very important tool for fishing, because without it, you can’t drill a hole to throw tackle.
  • Fishing box. You can store a lot of the items in it, for example, a thermos, and many more little things. In the same case, if your fishing does not involve running around, and you can sit next to the same hole for a long time, then the box will also serve as a comfortable seat.
  • Scoop. A convenient device which helps to clear the hole from crushed ice.
  • Pole hook. An irreplaceable device to fish out caught fish from the hole. It is especially valuable at the moment when you catch a trophy example of fish. While you expand the diameter of the hole, a fish hooked by a pole hook under its gills is guaranteed not to come off. 
  • The tent protects against snow and wind. Bring a few candles with you. Light the candles in the tent, after a while, you will feel the heat, and you can remove the gloves, and relax a bit. Take a thermos with hot tea, and you can have lunch with sandwiches taken from the home.
  • Use sled to transport your equipment and all the accessories to the pond.

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