Goods for hunting and fishing in our online store

Since ancient times and to this day all men are attracted by hunting and fishing. The desire for such leisure activities is so strong that they cannot be hold to stay at home nor by tasty dinner nor warmth and comfort. Even the hot, or rainy, or hardly frosty weather will not change hunters' or fishermen's plans. Their secret is rightly chosen clothes. Goods for hunting and fishing in our online store are suggested in a wide assortment.

So how should you dress up properly when setting off for hunting? Goods for hunting and fishing in an online store will help you

First, the year season should be taken into account. In summer or warm autumn, it is enough to put on a light high-collared tunic and water-resistant easy fit trousers of khaki color. You can purchase dedicated suit made of cotton light cloths. You should put on a jacket with chest pockets on it over other clothes for your convenience, as they are suitable to keep your papers in them, as well as fishing tackles or ammunition rounds. A cap or battle grey boonie hat will protect your head against the sun.

Those hunters who are on a manhunt for waterfowl will need waterproof rain poncho, as well as a saucer hat with a long visor for your convenience while you are aiming at the bird while you are staying against the sun.

Besides that, the clothes for hunting in summer or autumn should be saturated with insect repellents against mosquitoes and forest flies. While at the location where there are plenty of gnats, it is worthwhile protecting your face with a dedicated insect screen mesh.

Footwear should be waterproof, convenient, and not too tight and it should not graze your skin. It is of importance, particularly, if your task is supposed to be overcoming large distances. If the locality you are going hunting at teems with snakes, you need to put on a kind of sandals strapped to the feet over your usual shoes; they are not high one-piece leather-hide shoes with lacing or a fastener. They can be made by yourself with using rawhide saturated with the water solution of tar or fish oil. Your clothes must have camouflaging color so that an animal wouldn't see you.

For hunting in winter or late autumn you should choose warm but, at the same time, light and convenient clothes, which will protect you against cold air and wind, but will not hinder your movements. Tailored to hunters and fishermen, dedicated costumes have been developed with taking into account the particularities of such outdoor activities. They can be seen on the site

When it is freezing hard, the fans of winter hunting and fishing should put on thermal underwear, thermal socks, undergarment made of fleece, waded trousers with a padded jacket, or trousers with a fur-lined camisole. It is better to protect your face with a neck face mask. You should put fur gloves on your hands. Professionals usually make a hole for the first finger in the right glove so that they could shoot without taking off the glove. For battue hunting, a muff made of hares' or rabbits' fell is usually chosen.