Goods for hiking in winter

What is needed for you to go hiking in winter, with a route that was plotted through mountains with the heights of 1500-3000 meters above sea level? The first thing is, sure, snowshoes. Goods for hiking in winter are in stock in our online store.

Among others, wind-blown waftage is acting in the mountains, and even with minimal volume of snow that came down, it creates snowdrift sites the depth of which reaches the height of several meters. While going through the route of hiking, snowshoes are not needed every time, but it is almost impossible to get over without them in many spots.

In winter, we go hiking for 3 days at the max (excluding celebrating dates). The process of arranging winter hiking begins 10 days prior the event based on the weather forecast. And the decision to set off for a route is made 4 days before the date of hiking.

Goods for hiking in winter: what advantages such kind of leisure activity has

What is associated with that? It is associated, firstly, with acts of nature. Let's look through the conditions of normal winter. It just feels warmer in the mountains in daytime during this season when the sky is unclouded and the solar emission is intense. When it is cloudy, the weather dons to zero. In the night the temperature is 10-15 below zero at the height of 2000 meters. But snow storms that sometimes roll on bring foul weather with them, fall mass of precipitation (about 1 meters of snow can fall during a day). Plus, snowstorms moving from the North result in negative temperature and severe frost of 20-30 below zero followed by hurricane wind. In addition to that, the danger of avalanches rises severely.

It is impossible to plan winter hiking a month before with defining particular dates. Also, after snowstorms with severe precipitation happened, high danger of avalanches last longer, at least 3 days. Tourists who didn't yet venture hiking in winter always have ambitious plans. Safety hiking in normal winter conditions is just impossible due to the danger of avalanches permanently existing, as stated above, and the issue of the most importance is the existence of the risk to fail while assessing of the slope's danger of avalanches made by the group's guide.

But there exist particular attraction with winter hiking, a walking across thick coniferous winter forest, full absence of paths, and coming out onto low-sloped snow-covered prairies or ascension onto ambitious heights, as well as  walking upon hills with the snow blew away, wherefrom perfect panoramic views of snow-covered mountains open to you. The sensations from what was experienced and seen outshine the emotions arising from much summer hunting.