Goods for hiking and tourism on the Internet

If there is a possibility, you can attend a club. Sure, teenagers and students train there more often. But if you are not at the age of 15 or 20 for a long time, you will be able to find like-minded people anyway, for example, they can be managers or coaches of the club for tourists mentioned. Exercises at touring clubs are, as a rule, free and take courses two times a week in the evenings. They include both courses on general physical preparedness and theoretical classes where listeners are told about safety rules, relief particularities, the nature of the mountains and how to make you safe. In Moscow and other cities, there are dozens of clubs for tourists and mountain-climbers. You can find one next to your house if you wish to.

Read, watch, and listen for information concerning this topic. It exists on the Internet in a huge quantity. Sure, some difficulties exist regarding the separation of quality materials from those of low quality. We have comprised the collection of the most useful tips, at our point of view.

Along with attending a club for tourists and theoretical preparation, you can start going into mountains. And that is likely the main piece of advice. You can start your being engaged in it tomorrow already and make a path to own Everest.

Goods for hiking and tourism on the Internet: equipping for your first journey on foot

The challenge is that the equipping list you can see in any site dedicated to climbing can easily exceed a figure of 50 for its items. A novice is sometimes afraid of looking at it — he must spend plenty of money, and even if there is not any problem about money, it just seems to be a very difficult task to puzzle out the information. What should be done with that?

After you have chosen your route and downloaded the list of everything needed, you can set off for a usual sports shop and buy the equipping of the beginning level. It is certain to be of not high cost and allow venturing your first hiking. Sure, it will not be an easy task. The equipping is likely to serve you not for a long time. BUT! You will undertake your first journey on foot! Also, you can order goods on the Internet.

And later, when the time comes, you will step by step replace each element of your equipment with a more quality one — light/comfortable/usable/reliable... I myself started exactly this way. Having understood my sleeping bag is heavy, I have replaced my sleeping bag. Having decided my backpack being not convenient with its suspenders all being torn off, and when having been tired of repairing it by the evening campfire, I have replaced my backpack. And so on. Believe me, that if you seriously combust with the idea of going hiking, you are sure to wish to purchase the most quality equipping.