Goods for hiking and tourism

For some people, mountains are a mystery, and it is still inexplicable why most people aren’t able to resist the greatness of the mountain tops and set off for conquering them. Such pastime is considered to be tourism and it is called mountain hiking. Currently, this is true sports leisure, becoming increasingly popular with every day. Goods for hiking and tourism can be purchased in our online store.

Mountain hiking originates in 1786, when the conquest of one of the most famous mountain peaks of Mont Blanc took place. But only a hundred years later the first mountain club was founded, the members of which were engaged in scheduling successful mountain routes, exploring unknown peaks and, of course, lobbying their institution. A significant outbreak of the popularity of mountain hiking occurred in the Soviet era, when young people actively advocated a healthy lifestyle. It was the young people of that time who began arranging full-fledged camps and set off for the mountains, trying to educate and make a new younger generation more organized.

The concept of “mountain hiking” is acceptable only if a journey on foot takes place at a height of 2,500m above the sea level. In any other situation, tourism is not recognized to be mountain hiking. Despite the fact that many people set off for the mountains in order to see the pristine beauty of nature and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings revealing to you from a bird's eye view, not everyone knows how treacherous and extremely dangerous are the mountains. That is why you need to have not only the desire for physical training to take part in mountain hiking, as mountain travel can be called extreme.

Goods for hiking and tourism: kinds and particularities

It is strictly forbidden to people suffering from heart and vascular diseases, having chronic nasopharyngeal disease, or being carriers of a severe infectious disease and having pathological processes of the endocrine system to participate in mountain hiking.

There exist several kinds of mountain hiking, which differ in weather conditions, season and even landscape:

  • Mountain climbing
  • Rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking
  • Ecotourism
  • Leisure activity with skiing in the mountains
Mountain hiking is always accompanied by risk, and therefore before setting off for such a trip, you must undergo physical and psychological training. It is of importance, above all, to be able to survive in an environment of wild nature, to understand how to camp, being able to make a fire and cook over it, to have skills for first-aid dressing while hiking in the mountains.