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There are several kinds of rod butts for float fishing, which constitute 4 main groups and your choosing the particular kind of a rod butt is determined by fishing conditions and the preferences of a fisherman himself. Goods for fishing: the online store sells the most different fishing rods models cheap. Many novices don't even ponder what kinds of tackles it is worthwhile preparing for a forthcoming mission and therefore what fishing rod butts should be chosen.

In this article, we will tell you about main rod butts types for float fishing, as well as about the features of their adjusting and technique for catching fish. For float fishing can be used fly fishing rods, match rods, plugable rods and Bolognese rods.

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Fly-fishing rod

Fly fishing rods have solid construction of tackles with the rod butt without guide rings. That is the most common equipment, and before its rod butt used to be made of branchless wood stem of nut tree, maple, or bamboo. Later glued construction began to be used. Modern fly fishing rods are manufactured of carbon fibre or glass fibre, and they have several joints for transportation convenience. The rod butt of a fly fishing rod can be plugable or retractable (telescopic).

Bolognese rod

The most universal fishing rod butt for float fishing is Bolognese rod butt. A Bolognese rod butt has a long telescopic blank made of carbon fibre or glass fibre and equipped with guide rings and the holder for the reel. The length of such fishing rod butts is ranged from 4 to 11 meters, but long blanks are too heavy while short ones are not enough universal for catching fish from the shore. A Bolognese fishing rod allows changing the depth of slope and catching from almost from any depth.

Plugable rod

Not too long ago a plugable rod butt began gaining popularity with fishermen, and it has quite hi-tech construction. And the point is not only in applying the most advanced composites. In a plugable rod butt, the end joint has a special damping element mounted inside the body of a fishing rod. The main distinction of a plugable rod butt from a telescopic one is the construction of joints connection which allows disconnecting one part from another without taking the whole fishing rod to pieces.

Match rod

First and foremost, that is equipment for casting at long and ultra-long distances with high precision. Match rod butts are equipped with guide rings of high quality and consist of several parts with pluggable connections. Their main distinguish is a precise test of the tackle cast.
Goods for fishing the online