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Goods for fishing: suits

Fishing during the transitional season is always paired with sloppy, rainy weather. But whether it drizzle or icy lingering rainfall — that isn't a motive to abnegate your going out, especially when the bite is so good! The guaranty of comfort is properly chosen clothes, and the most proper clothes are those destined for changeable autumn weather, and these are membrane suits.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose a truly effective suit for fishing in autumn, however without overpaying for needless options, and how to keep capricious membrane clothes well-conditioned. Goods for fishing and suits can be obtained in our store.

Goods for fishing: are membrane suits the best decision?

All is simple — no one material sustains such quantity of damp while remaining comfortable for wearing. You will not need those non-convenient raincoats, that make you feel hot and sultry under them, while water meanwhile successes to hit inside due to ineffectual fashion. When the weather is slightly bad, you can work yourself out with cloth with varnished insulation, but it anyway becomes wet along the suture lines, and varnished insulation has a property to be washed away.

The membrane allows avoiding those inconveniences — you just choose the clothes that light and convenient for you as much as possible, and it will protect you against wind and rain of any strength. Of course, there are disadvantages, like slightly higher price and nuance in the maintenance of such clothes, but they are fully compensated by their advantages.

The main specifications for comfortable inactive staying in cold conditions of rainy weather are resistance to water column's pressure and warm backing. The thicker is the membrane of fishing suits, the better, even if you make a sacrifice of its water vapor permeability. Of course, some methods of fishing, like fishing with a spinning rod, require physical activity, and in choosing suits for them should be guided by the same principles that in choosing the suit for autumn hunting. But in most cases, it will be enough to choose the membrane with low vapor permeability rate, but with maximal resistance to water column's pressure.

Pay special attention to the treatment of suture lines and zips — on their backside the special dressing stripe or waterproofing polymer steep should be applied. In the case of insufficiently qualitative refinement of those places, water, first and foremost, begins leaking exactly there.

It is of great importance to have a warm layer made of artificial thermal insulation like Thinsulate or hollow fibre. Natural materials in the capacity of thermal insulation are not practical enough, though they are sure to be warmer. It will be good if the backing could be unzipped — for unstable autumn weather it would be the best choice. It will be helpful to have air holes in zips, as they serve for your cooling down at a steady pace after physical exertion without the risk of hypothermia.

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