Goods for fishing kits

In this article we will try a to help novice fisherman to form his understanding of what equipment kit is needed to take the first steps in mastering spinning. So, you have decided to be engaged in spinning fishing, but you don't know what is needed for that, while the number of different kinds of spinning rods, reels, fishing lines and baits is so big that it is very difficult to make a choice.

The goods for fishing:  the kits for a novice fisherman include some mandatory items:

  • spinning rod
  • fixed-spool reel
  • fishing line (braided line or monofilament fishing line)
  • lures

Let's deal with each item separately.

Goods for fishing: kits consisting of several items

Spinning rod

If you are going to fish from the shore, you should choose a fishing rod with the length of 2.7 meters, which allows your making long-distance castings and catching in the larger area of water -body. If you will catch from the boat, you should choose a shorter spinning rod. We recommend selecting plugable spinning rod consisting of two joints. Telescopic variants of spinning rods, though being convenience in transportation, are less sensitive and require some skills for making confidence casting.

We recommend the medium formation of a spinning fishing rod to be chosen, which allows more effortlessly making the cast of the lure and forgives mistakes while you are performing bottom tapping and playing.

Fixed-spool reel

Why should it be exactly a fixed-spool reel? The answer is plain to see — that is the simplest reel to be utilized allowing your obtaining necessary fishing skills with forgiving the mistakes of a novice fan of spinning fishing without leading to tangling the fishing line and, as is usually said, without making a “backlash “ that can spoil all your fishing experience.

Fishing line

A fishing line can be traditional, monofilament, or braided line. A monofilament fishing line in the present times is usually manufactured of nylon fibre, it is limpid and barely visible in the water and usually has quite a high extensibility degree.

A braided fishing line represents several threads in one braid, with such fibres being similar to polythene of their quality and composition; and such fishing line has essentially higher strength with similar diameter than a monofilament fishing line has, it also concerns the maximal extensibility.


A novice fun of spinning fishing should know the lures to be of several kinds:

  • spinner lure
  • spoon lure (blinker)
  • wobbler
  • jig tackle

The most available for mastering a spinning rod are spinner lures and spoon lures allowing make pretty long-distance casts without requiring a fisherman to have special catching skills.

Goods for fishing kits