Goods for fishing feedbacks

A person who only begins his or her acquaintance with a modern variety of fishing accessories sometimes has trouble: what kind of tackle to take. One of the typical recommendations, in that case, is to choose the fishing method: meditative and quiet down fishing with a fishing rod or active and energy fishing with spinning. After choosing the main "missile," you will have nothing but selecting tackles correspondingly to one or another kind of fishing rod. The feedback from experienced friends will help you choose goods for fishing properly. 

Goods for fishing: feedbacks and choice of a fishing rod or spinning

Fishing rod

Fishing rods perfectly suits so called passive fishing. The essence is simple: having hooked on the bait, you can cast the bait into the water, and calmly sit on the shore while waiting for biting. A fisherman must have patience: be able to keep silence and even mask.

A fishing rod ready to be used consists of the rod butt (from 3 to 7 meters), a fishing line, reel (fixed-spool reel or center-pin reel), a lead weight, a hook, a float, and pulley rig.

The most popular set of accessories in pictures:

  • reel (fixed-spool reel or center-pin reel);
  • float;
  • fishing line;
  • hook;
  • lead weight

All elements of tackles are ranged in the chain: the reel is attached to the rod butt, the fishing line is winded on the reel. The float, hook and lead weight are attached to the fishing line. You may fish.


Fishing with spinning differs essentially, because the bait must be in constant motion. Therefore, a spinning is the most suitable equipment for catching predatory kinds of fish, which not just swallow the bait but really hunt it.

For spinning the presence of a reel is a necessity. Besides a reel, a fishing line is also required, as well as one of the commonly used lures:  a spoon, wobbler, or soft silicone bait (twister, shad, worm), that hooked on to a jig head. There is no need of hooks and lead weights if equipping is simple, all baits mentioned above already combine them inside.

The essence of fishing is simple: to cast the bait and slowly wring the fishing line onto the reel. In that way, the bait will be continually in motion, rotate permanently or wobble in the water reflecting sunny rays in different sides simulating fish scale. But a fan of spinning fishing can develop his skills endlessly each time acquiring new tapping methods and the variants of adjusting a spinning. That is a very technical kind of fishing, that's why it attracts wide range of amateur fishermen.

Goods for fishing feedbacks