Goods for fishing and outdoors activities

The list of thing when you set out for fishing depends on how you will be getting to a water body. If you are going to get there by car, the weight that can be brought with you is scarcely unlimited. For fishermen who are setting out on foot, it is recommended to take luggage of the weight of no more than 20 kg. Almost all goods for fishing and outdoor activities can be bought in our online store.

Goods for fishing and leisure activity in summer and winter

Summer fishing - what should be brought with you?

Catching fish in summer is much simpler, and the choice of the fishing method is more diverse. In summer setting out for fishing you should bring with you the particular set of things, and you will need for:

  • clothing that protects from wind, sun and rain, headdress;
  • comfortable waterproof shoes;
  • salt in large quantities to preserve the freshness of the catch and a thermal bag in which you can put live bait;
  • remedy for the piercer of flying insects;
  • a sun umbrella, if space permits;
  • sunscreen and glasses if you burn quickly;
  • first aid kit, matches, knife, flashlight;
  • fishing tackles accordingly to the chosen method: spinning rods, float rods, feeder, as well as a corf for fish and a landing net;
  • a folding chair;
  • a supply of food and drinking water.

It would not be extra to bring along with you a compass, terrain map if there isn't GPS system in your car when you are going fishing in summer and winter. Now there are different and modern goods for fishing in shops you should choose from while buying the most quality and reliable things.

What to bring along setting out for fishing in winter?

If winter fishing is planned, the list of necessary things looks next way:

  • warm clothing that protects against moisture and wind;
  • warm hats with earflaps and woolen hats;
  • two pairs of mittens;
  • warm shoes with a set of spare socks-boots with galoshes, waterproof boots;
  • the ice pick for walking on the ice and testing its strength;
  • ice drill with spare set of knives;
  • bailer for cleaning holes;
  • fishing box or folding chair, camping foam mat;
  • backpack for things;
  • a thermos with a hot drink;
  • a supply of food for a snack;
  • a tent for comfortable fishing, as well as for the night: there are special tents umbrella type for fishermen – they are placed and dismantled in a couple of minutes;
  • a flashlight;
  • kindling materials for a fire;
  • rope and fasteners-they are needed for fishing in the winter to conduct a rescue operation in case of failure under the ice;
  • tackles that necessary for winter fishing: several fishing rods, fishing line, jigs, bait, hook for large fish, feeder, a box for mosquito larva;
  • a depth gauge in the form of a thick rope with a lead weight to determine the depth and the strength of attachment of the feeder.

If fishing is designed to last for several days, you should bring proper supplies of products with you. All products should be packed within plastic sheeting holding water. You should necessarily include crockery, a medicine box (that intended for a car will be suitable) into your set of equipment.