Goods for fishing and outdoor activities

Fishing in winter begins rapidly gather momentum and acquires increasing popularity with fishermen. The number of beginners wanting to learn the secrets of choosing a fishing rod for winter fishing as well as tricks to selecting other equipment is rising rapidly. But most of them don't know where they should start. While everything should be begun from selecting a rod butt included in goods for fishing and outdoor activities. We have conditionally divided all fishing rod into three kinds so that each of you can choose a rod butt for winter fishing with float rods, ice fishing jigs or fishing spoons.

Recommendations on choice: what goods there are for fishing and outdoor activities in winter

There is no such concept that characterizes multi-purpose fishing rods for winter fishing. A fisherman should have several rod butts in his toolbox so that they can be customized per certain fishing conditions. Most fishermen apply manufactured rod butts; a smaller part of them tries to upgrade them slightly, while some fishermen make fishing rods with their own hands. You can find them in goods for fishing and outdoor activities section.

Fishing rod choice for winter fishing with a lure

Fishing with a lure is considered to be the most active kind of winter fishing. The main advantages of such kind of fishing are the simplicity of equipment and ordinary catching tactics. Besides a fishing rod for winter fishing is quite multi-purposed, if its accessory equipment is chosen properly, the rod can be used for catching pikes weighing a kilogram and small perches.

A fishing rod for catching with fishing jigs

Depending on the design of rods for catching with jigs, they are divided into three types; fishermen called them correspondingly to items they similar to. They are: the first fishing rod is called an ugly stick, the second represents an undivided element which consists of a reel and a rod butt and is called palm rod. And the third kind of fishing rod is a classic one, it has an open reel.

A fishing rod for float fishing

Many novices take their first steps in fishing beginning with float fishing, while choosing rods and other goods for fishing and outdoor activities. Some fishermen having gained experience give their preference to jigs fishing, but there remains a part of them that catches fish with float tackles the whole life. Porgy, bream and roach are targeted by fishing with a float rod most frequently. A requirement for the equipment of a float fishing rod is precise balancing.

Goods for fishing and outdoor activities