Goods for a journey on foot and tourism

Goods for a journey on foot and tourism

When you are preparing for outdoor activities, you should take into account the time and the region where and when your journey on foot is planned to be performed, what temperature is expected to be outside at night (your choice of a sleeping bag and the quantity of warm clothes depend on that). It is recommended to watch weather forecast 1-2 days before your departing. This list will be suitable for journey on foot or water touring in spring, summer or autumn.

A large backpack designated for women has the capacity of 50 l, while to men there are intended those with the capacity of 70 l. It is certain should be with a belt, and be convenience one! You should revise that all fastenings (claspers) were in working order, and suture lines were unhurt. While at home, at leisure, try to pack your backpack chock-full with things and make custom design of all adjustments. Old backpacks styles like “kolobok” will be not suitable. For water touring, a sporting bag will be preferable.

Rain poncho for you to cover your backpack — sometimes it goes with a backpack, you should search for it in the upper pocket or in the small zipped pocket at the bottom. You can insert a large polythene bag into your backpack or distribute your things among several polythene bags. If your raincoat is something similar to “poncho” and it covers you along with the backpack, you need not take a poncho for the backpack apart. But! While you are at stopping place and the backpack has been taken off from your shoulders, and it is raining, you will be sitting with your rain poncho on, while your backpack will be growing wet without it — you should take it into account.

When you are going in water touring, you can take a sheet of polythene to cover the backpack with it while you are in the boat or canoe.

In the case of sleeping bag — it should be chosen with dependents on feels-like temperature, or the temperature of your comfort. But it is worthwhile depriving 5-10 degrees from the real night temperature! If in summer night the temperature is 10 above zero, a sleeping bag intended to 0 degrees will be the best choice!

A ground pad (urethane- foam mat) — in the capacity of a ground pad your mat for yoga exercises will be not suitable! And it is forbidden to buy a ground pad at net shopping malls.

A sit-mat (foam sit-mat) is for sitting on the ground, as well as on everything that is cold, wet, and dirty.


Goods for a journey on foot and tourism: what will come in handy while you are on your way

You should take a mug, a bowl, a spoon, a knife made of plastic or steel but not of ceramic or glass. Plastic kitchenware is more difficult to wash it off from oil, while metallic one (if it isn't thermo) scorches your hands, anyway, you can choose what is after your heart. A knife isn't necessary.

A flashlight should be taken, which is worn on the forehead, with new small batteries.

A camera, optionally, you should think over its protection in case of rain.

Take your sunny glasses, if so desired.

A plastic bottle of 0.5-1 l, it can serve as water can.

Insect repellent and remedy for mites should be chosen correspondingly to the season, the region, and the necessity.

A large pack for rubbish with the capacity of 120 l can serve as an intermediate layer when placed into your backpack (protection against moisture and soaking).

Polythene bags in the quantity of 2-3 will be useful for packing wet and dirty things.

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