Fishing philosophy catalogue

Does luck always open up for a fisherman? Why it happens so, that one is catching while others are watching him; and they don't understand why he has a good bite, while they haven't. What is the secret of his success? What are the fishing philosophy, and the catalogue of goods needed for successful fishing? What is the mistake of the losers? And can it be that there isn't any mistake, but this is about a fishing spot?

There are lots of questions while there doesn't exist one hundred per cent precise answers for them. Meanwhile, let's exclude the mystery in the question about the success of individual fishermen and instead of this, we will be watching them closely. What shall we see?

And we will see that such successful fishermen will overfishing most of their colleagues when catching fish on different water bodies. Sure, no one is safe from the total absent of biting, including them. But as a whole, they are always lucky. What does the reason lie in?

Fifty or more pro cents of the success on fishing depends on the fishing spot chosen — to be more precise, on fishing zone and fishing spot selected in this zone. By “fishing zone” it should be meant the wide area of a water body. It has been noticed that the fish doesn't always stay at the same places. The fish sometimes goes into the depth, and sometimes it moves to shallow-water, while sometimes it comes closer to the shore on the windward side to get warm and to be fed (in spring), or to the shore against the wind (mainly it happens when it is getting cold, closer to the fall). Many factors influence fish behavior you should know about.

Fishing philosophy: catalogue of goods and other factors

While putting together the year season, wind direction and strength, atmospheric pressure, the change of weather conditions and knowing the specificity of the peculiar water body, etc., an experienced fisherman is most likely to be able to guess the spot on a water body (or zone) where one or another kind of fish may be present. And then he will have to choose the fishing spot from those that he has someday learned and noticed. The best of them traditionally are fishing spots where there were perfect bite and catch.

We believe it is important to come back to the topic “choosing a fishing spot” once again. It may appear that all are fishing in the same zone and in similar conditions, but the bite is only in particular spots. It becomes clear very demonstrably in winter, when the fish bites well in one hole, while there isn't any bite in the next hole, placed apart six feet. Almost each fisherman has faced that.

We can try to suppose the reason of such phenomena. Although, it would be more efficiently to fix the best fishing spots with the help of GPS. Those places that you were really lucky at. As practice shows, such fishing spots will further “do the job”. If the fish was here and was fed, then it is most likely to return here again and again.  And you will enjoy fishing again.

And further everything depends on the personal skills of a fisherman. It depends on how properly he prepared the tackle, chose the bait, prepared the fishing place, fed the fish, etc.
Fishing philosophy catalogue