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Do you intend to set off for hiking with sleeping outdoors? Then you should provide yourself with a reliable light source. You can find quality items at our shop, while discounts on goods for leisure activities allow your performing benefit purchase.

If you believe your portable flashlight, used by you when the electricity in your flat is shut down, to manage this task, you are deeply mistaken. The point is, that not only your journey comfort but also its safety depends on the reliability of this device: a flashlight will help you find the right way if you are got lost, to scare off predators or give SOS signal. But a flashlight should correspond with particular parameters so that it would manage the tasks entrusted on it.

The criteria for selecting a camping flashlight

The last thing you should pay your attention to while choosing this device is its outer look and price: the first is, as usual, misleading, while pursuit of low price leads to spending your money without any usefulness, as an unreasonably cheap device will not be able to exercise its functions. It is much more of importance to pay your attention to the following specifications:

  • Its strength — a plastic case isn't suitable for a camping flashlight, so it is more rationally for you to give your preferences to aluminium versions, which are much stronger and not much more heavyweight than plastic ones.
  • Cost-effectiveness — the beat choice would be a LED flashlight with the option of adjusting luminous power so that you would not depend on power supply sources.
  • The lightweight — the less the value of a camping flashlight weight is, the better.
  • The leak tightness — as during your camping a flashlight may appear to contact with water (while overcoming a water barrier or when it rains), it is better to choose waterproof models.

In addition, you should pay your attention to the type of a flashlight that will depend on the method of performing your journey, For example, during walking tours a hand lantern will be the most suitable solution, as it allows lighting your path in a more convenience way. During bike tours the hands of a tourist aren't free, so you should prefer a headlamp, in which power components and LEDs are combined in the single device.

Where can you buy them? Discounts on goods for leisure activity

It is preferable to buy such devices in special purpose shops for tourism, as there is less possibility to purchase forgery a product in these shops. However, the device price may seem to be erroneously high at such stores. If you want to save your money while buying a camping flashlight without loss of quality, you can order such equipment in online stores, which, thanks to exhibition space absence, often offer such devices at some lower costs then it is in specialized shops. But you must also make quite careful online trade space choice, being guided by its assortment and buyers' feedback.