Discount on the costs of goods for resting: choosing a sleeping bag

Discount on the costs of goods for resting: choosing a sleeping bag

Discount on the costs of goods for resting is a perfect beginning of every journey on foot. When you are going to sleep outdoors, it is worthwhile to think about what the sleeping bag is you will be more comfortable to sleep in. Let's find way around how to choose a sleeping bag and what is to be done so that it would be in use for a long time and be a comfortable sleeping accommodation in any conditions.

Down hair

Filler made of down hair can't be compared to its synthetic surrogates, though its price is higher by several times, it is worthwhile to choose exactly it.

Only the down hair of swimming birds can serve as such filler, as it is covered with special waterproofing substance. You can find out what the sleeping bag is filled with, that is stated in a sticker or in the description of a manual attached to the sleeping bag.


Most people can't afford to buy costly sleeping bags with a filler made of down hair. Cheaper alternatives for sleeping bags represent items with silicone filler. The insulation properties of a sleeping bag will depend on fiber thickness and consistency. A sleeping bag with such filler almost doesn't get wet, while the elasticity of silicone remains on the same level for from 7 to 10 years if it will be properly looked after.

Padding polyester

Filler made of padding polyester in sleeping bags is the best solution if you seldom get out of town. Padding polyester is the cheapest material, despite its performance specifications, but in 1-2 years they become not to conform to their stated parameters as padding polyester becomes rumpled and compressed.


Materials made of nylon fiber are used for external protection for filler. Now specialized fabrics for different fillers have been created, for example, fabrics Petrex can be utilized for filler made of down hair, as their warp consists of nylon. Such fabrics “breath” well while they provide good protection against wind and push back moistness.

Discount on the costs of goods for resting

In our store, you can purchase goods for resting with a discount, so at a low cost. The price for a sleeping bag depends on its material of production, filler and size.

How for you to select the size of a sleeping bag? This question is as essential as the material that the sleeping bag is made of. The parameter of the greatest importance is your anatomical data, in other words, your height, dimension in your shoulders and femurs.

The basic criteria a properly sleeping bag should possess:

  • existence of a fastener next to the hood;
  • dark colors of the fabric;
  • turning ribbon should be placed along the whole zip-fastener;
  • suture lines should not be quilted through-the-thickness;
  • the zip-fastener of a sleeping bag should be prolonged to the bottom of sleeping bag;
  • existence of a cuff near the head;
  • suture lines should be straight.
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