Clothing for hiking in the summer

The choice of clothes for hiking is essential. In the city, you can afford uncomfortable but beautiful shoes, and in the mountains clothes should be as comfortable as possible. So, what to look for when choosing clothes for summer hiking


Be ready that the weather in the mountains can differ very much from the weather on the plain. Even in summer, you can see snow on the passes. It is important to know the climate of the area and get a detailed forecast, and be ready for any surprises.

For example, in June, at the height of 2,000 km, you will probably come across snowy areas and a cold wind. At night, the temperature drops to zero, and during the day, there is a high risk of sunburn. At the same time, throughout the season, high humidity remains in the mountains.


Hiking boots are an item which you should not save on. They should be waterproof, light enough, and comfortable.

Clothing for hiking in the summer: three-layers of clothing

Experienced travelers advise to adhere to the three-layer concept of clothing for hiking across the mountains:

  • thermal underwear
  • warm fleece jacket
  • waterproof and windproof jacket

It is also necessary to take a raincoat or waterproof cape, which will protect you and your backpack against the rain.


It is worth taking two pairs of trousers: light and warm. Ideally, they should be windproof. Very practical trousers are those with comfortable pockets.

If the weather forecast is favorable, warm and sunny weather is expected, just take:

  • trousers
  • convenient shorts
  • shirts and hoodies
  • windbreaker
  • hat
  • comfortable shoes (even in hot weather in the mountains it is better not to wear open shoes)
  • T-shirts and underwear
  • bag for dirty clothes