Clothing and equipping for hiking: accessories

Bandana and ski mask. They are convenient universal accessories, which in various combinations will protect your head against overheating in the valley, throat and ears against hypothermia in the glacier zone, and they will serve as an additional layer during your stay in the highlands. If it is assumed that you will long in a zone of snows, take the models with thicker polyester, to “warm” the tracks will be sufficient very thin. Clothing and equipping for hiking may include the following items.

Gloves and mittens. Even though your mountain hiking is suggested to be the simplest one, we recommend your taking at least the thinnest fleece gloves. They will protect your hands against harsh ultraviolet light and protect from sunburn. If we are talking about more complex tracks, then there are two options: 1. one pair of thick fleece gloves with special overlays of natural or artificial leather on the palms — and to protect against cold or sun and to protect hands from mechanical damage when working with “iron” and ropes. 2. Combination intended for highlands and winter hikes: thin fleece gloves + warm mittens with insulation in the form of down or synthetics. While staying in high-mountain shelters, in warm weather, you can limit yourself to gloves, which are convenient to work with a rope and manage equipment: sticks, ice axe, self-insurance, as well as with” iron”: carbines and ice drills. Warm down mittens are worn over gloves, this combination will reliably protect your hands from frostbite during hiking at low temperature.

Clothing and equipping for hiking: a hat and gaiters

It can be a warm hat, baseball cap or boonie hat. A warm hat will definitely be useful for you while hiking in winter mountains or if your route are tracks that 3000-4000 m above the sea level. We strongly recommend using warm ski hats from mountaineering brands. They have special models with fleece strip-strengthening, which further protects the head against the cold and wind.

When choosing amid baseball caps, it is best to choose those that have a back that covers the neck from direct sunlight.

When choosing a boonie hat, you should pay your attention to its brims they should be larger — for the same protection against the sun.

Gaiters. They are also a necessary accessory that will protect you from dust and small stones inside the shoe if your hiking conditions are simple, and if they are complex, for example, in the snow zone, they will save you from mechanical contact of the lower parts of the trousers with climbing iron and from snow and melt water inside the shoe.

The range of products for mountain tourism is very large. Just choose what you need depending on the complexity of the track and the prices, you will be helped by sellers.