Clothes to hike in autumn

Going on a multi-day hike in the fall, it is worth remembering that no matter how much you appreciate the lightness of your backpack, you do not need to save on health. Today we will consider the list of things necessary for autumn trekking, but remember: any list will be a recommendation, not an instruction, because you always collect a backpack for yourself, your needs and your comfort. Clothing in the fall campaign may include the following components.

Shoes and clothes to hike in autumn

Underwear, multiple sets

Here without comments-unless for women the sports top, instead of a classical bra can appear more option that is convenient. Sports tops are stronger, dry faster, better suited for activity, and they do not slip the straps due to friction of the fabric of the outerwear on the backpack.

 T-shirt/shirt set

T-shirts are better to take synthetic and mesh inserts "micro-Gris" on the armpits for the best sweating. You will not need a t-shirt: even if it gets very warm, you cannot carry a backpack on bare shoulders, you will erase them very quickly and the further hike will turn into torment.

Note: there are t-shirts with rubberized inserts on the shoulders, back and lower abdomen – in order to backpack when walking less rubbed against the fabric.

Trekking pants

An indispensable thing and, in fact, the only thing that is really worth putting on your feet in a multi-day hike. Trekking pants are made of lightweight but durable synthetics, and reinforced inserts on the knees, inner thighs and butt in most models protect them from premature wear.

Never take hike jeans: they are heavy and very long to dry. Cotton pants are also better not to take, they also dry for a long time, quickly tear and wipe.

Note: there are trekking modular models, which unfasten the legs, turning them, as stated in the classics, in elegant shorts. A great option if you go to the mountains and expect a temperature drop or the forecast promises warming in the middle of your journey.

Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is of three types-synthetic, synthetic + wool and completely Merino wool. Wool, of course, the warmest, also removes sweat, and unpleasant odors. Synthetic is of different density and, accordingly, has different warming properties.

If you want to warm up at night, it makes sense to take a whole synthetic or wool thermal underwear. If you want to warm up during the hike, it is worth podded or synthetic underwear with perspiring inserts under the arms, on the back and under the knees, or all the same wool.