Clothes for winter tourism and leisure activities

Clothes for winter tourism and leisure activities include undergarments and outer garments.

Undergarments. Paints — the shorts made of polyester will be more comfortable, and it is better that they would contain an antibacterial agent, and you can buy them in shops for sports outfit.

Thermal underwear — now it is presented with a high number of brands and models, and that is a popular outfit for ski hiking. The main issue is that thermal underwear should pleasantly cling to your body, with being made of modern synthetic materials (for example, polyester with a thickness of 199) because cotton absorbs and holds moisture.

A fleece jacket or jumper. It is preferable to use fleece with the thickness of 300, but there exist good, light, but warm knitted jumpers. You can make a choice depending on your taste and budget.

A down jacket. It is needed while you are at a halting site. A down jacket should be carried in the place that available, being at fingertips, for example, in the valve of your backpack, so that you can put it on as soon as you stop and take your equipping off. Let it be not for a long time, but such clothes should be put over your shoulders, as your back may become wet.

Clothes for winter tourism and leisure activities: while getting ready to a snowstorm 

A complete for a snowstorm. That is irreplaceable clothes for ski hiking. This complete consists of a parka jacket and trousers. A jacket should be loose-fitting for you to wear a down weskit under it, as well as it must be wind-resisting and waterproofing (made of membrane fabric). If your jacket has been wearing for a long time, you should impregnate it with dedicated remedy.

Trousers can be also made of membrane fabric. But there are fewer requirements regarding them. An economically reasonable analogue will be suitable; such trousers are made of cordura (or another kind of capron). They are not blown through and can “breath”.

Mittens and gloves for winter tourism

Mittens. Depending on the severity of the region and the winter month, one or another model can be taken: from down mittens to thin fleece gloves. Well, for example, if this is March-April in the Khibiny, then your having two pairs will be enough. One pair should be warm with padding polyester; another pair should be thin —made of fleece or acrylic.

Hat. As well as mittens, it is selected according to the situation. Sometimes, having a sporting hat (made of fleece, or knitted, etc.) is enough, and sometimes it is better to take a second, a warmer hat, for example, hat with earflaps. Although, in case of its lack, a hood or a neck face mask helps out perfectly.

Neck face mask. This is a helmet-mask worn on the head and made of wool, flannel or fleece with a slot for the face. Its name goes back to military history and the history of polar expeditions. It protects the face from wind, frost and the sun, which is of relevance especially for girls.