Clothes for ski tour

Here we will try to describe everything that you should pay attention to when going on a ski trip. Clothing for ski tour includes several things that cannot do without.

Basic clothing for ski trips

Clothes that you take with you when go hiking can be divided into two categories: 1 — those that you will wear during crossing; 2 — dry and warm clothes, that you can change when you come to the camping area. For moving on a route the next is best suited: tights and t-shirt with long sleeves (either thermal underwear), atop dress jumper and light jacket protecting against wind and trousers either ski overalls. The main condition — during the movement the body should not overheat, but it should be protected against the wind. The jumper should be with a long high collar, or you can use additional insulation for the neck and throat protecting against the wind.

When we stop to have a rest, then sweaty back under the backpack usually begins to freeze quickly. To do this, it would be good under the flap of the backpack to have a down jacket or a warm jacket to warm up.

To avoid a cold on coming to the camping area, you need to change your clothes and trainers with dry ones. Wet clothes and shoes, if possible, should be dried in the hut. It is also better to have a spare dry hat. The cap will suit a simple sports or light “covering ears”, tied under the chin for a particularly cold time.


There is nothing worse in a campaign than legs with blisters. Therefore, setting off for hiking, make sure that your shoes sit comfortably on the foot, do not rub, do not press and do not hang out. These can be hiking boots or warm winter boots, but they should be definitely worn in for some time. (Very often it turns out those good shoes newly bought before going bring its owner nothing but trouble. It is better to go wearing proven old shoes than for you to wear untested new ones). It is better if the sole of the shoes will be hard enough not to bend under the load from the cable attachment.

Over the shoes you need to have shoe covers. They can be overshoe attached to the fabric collar to the knee or above. You can buy ready-made fishing Shoe covers (although they are too short), and you can buy separately galoshes and sew the boot and lace yourself. The main thing — that the overshoe dressed on the shoe tightly and the shoe did not hang out in the overshoe. Shoe covers are necessary because firstly, they create additional insulation for the foot; secondly, they prevent the stuffing of wet snow under the trousers and into the shoes, as well as protect the feet from getting wet.


The most suitable type of skis is those intended to use in a forest with semi-rigid mounts. Since they are wider than the usual cross-country, which allows you to move through deep snow without falling and on rough terrain. If you do not have your own skis, the club will provide you with skis for the hike.

Well, and the main rule: do not take too much with you. The total weight of your backpack with personal belongings should not exceed 12kg. And some place should remain for public cargo.