Clothes for outdoor activities in winter

Clothes for outdoor activities in winter should hold out heavy workloads and be designed for presence in the low temperature conditions for a long time, while the weather is snowy, and the snow is very wet. There can be snowstorms, snowfalls, severe wind and the sun blinding due to all-white cover. The task of a traveller is to protect himself against weather hazards through the use of clothes and footwear dedicated to winter hiking.

Now the manufacturers of clothes for expeditions apply huge number of high-tech materials that are wind-protective, breathing, synchronically moisture-resistant and drawing water off, as well lightweight and of compact size. So, most tourists prefer using outfit made of modern synthetic materials.


Another tendency in winter hiking outfit is their having several layers, when you pack a set of things while going hiking, while each thing can be worn as a separate outfit as in combination with others, depending on the weather conditions that are present “outboard”. That is an alternative, which is more convenient unlike fur or woolen clothes for winter hiking common used.

Clothes for outdoor activities in winter: footwear

If speaking about footwear for camping in winter, the high-tech used here made a large step forward. Alpine boots have the properties of a thermos, it keeps comfortable user-friendly medium both in winter and summer, “holds” water. And multiple layers are a driven force here.

That is the principle of manufacturing hiking shoes that consist of different artificial materials, such as membrane fabric, artificial suede and leather, plastic, kevlar, and others. The same idea is the mainstay of using “balanced kit” consisting of boots, overshoes and trekking socks.

This a complete set make trekking boots more multi-purpose, they can be worn as in warm season as in winter, there isn't any need to buy dedicated footwear for winter hiking.

Footwear for hiking should be convenient, having been wearing previously for some time, it must sure to be stiff so that the mounting spring would not constrict your foot.

It is preferable to purchase stiff trekking boots or alpine plastic ones. If you prefer to go skiing, the boots will be quite convenient for skis, including, among others, if you have to walk on foot, so you needn't have other kind of footwear for winter hiking.

Boots should be worn over two pairs of trekking sock, with one pair should be made of fine fabric, while another - of thick fabric, or you can wear common socks, made of cotton/fine linen (the second is more preferable) and knitted woolen socks. It is necessary to have 2-3 sets.

The footwear for winter tourism should match to ski bindings or snowshoes (if you are walking on them). In case of your using boot covers they should be chosen while taking into account the size of your boots.