Clothes for mountain hiking in winter

We often come across questions from beginners and experienced tourists about how to dress properly to feel comfortable in winter conditions. Clothes for mountain hiking in winter should be selected wisely.

Saving on quality winter clothing can be a major hurdle. Winter reigns at the top of Elbrus even in summer, so the issue of choosing clothes should be approached with all seriousness, but I understood this already on the side of the mountain.

Winter hikes, ski trips, climbs all over the world are being organized now, and every time I feel sorry for the guys who leave the route due to the wrong choice of warm clothes. In order to avoid common mistakes, we’ll tell you what we were advised by “Peak” agency regarding how to dress for a winter hike in order to feel as comfortable as possible.

Clothes for mountain hiking in winter: multiple layers

Remember how mothers and grandmothers dressed you in childhood? The more jumpers and hats you wear, the better! When going on a winter trip, we are guided by the same principle. A layer of air forms between the layers of clothing, and you will be more comfortable than while wearing one super-warm jumper. In addition, thanks to the multi-layered clothing, you can quickly adjust the level of insulation.

Thermal underwear

The first layer of clothing is thermal underwear. Its main function is to remove moisture from the surface of the body. Winter thermal underwear should be insulated, with wool fibers.

Insulating layer

The next layer is loose fleece or wool clothing. However, woolen jumpers are less and less used in hikes; they are almost completely replaced by lightweight and compact jackets made of polar fleece.

Upper layer

The best outerwear for a winter hike is a membrane ski suit. Such a suit will not get wet, and you will not perspire and will not feel as cold as ice while wearing it. In addition, almost all costumes are painted in bright colors. This is not only beautiful, but also an additional guarantee of your safety. During camping, I usually walk wearing a down parka or a down jacket. Remember that the down parka cannot be wet; otherwise it will dry after the hiking. Do not save on outerwear, these are exactly the things that will save your health and make the trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Hat and gloves

Through the head, our body loses over 50% of the heat, so be sure to wear a hat. How warm it is, I advise you to determine the weather conditions. For windless and moderately frosty days, a light ski hat is suitable. In conditions of strong wind and cold, it is optimal to warm with a ski mask. When staying at a campsite, it is best to wear a warm hat. To keep your hands warm, ski gloves or mittens are ideal. Remember that in mittens, your hands will be warmer than in gloves.