Clothes for hiking intended for men

Before buying the first equipment you need to ask some questions to yourself. The approach to the choice of the first equipment depends on the answers to them. Clothes for hiking intended for men depend on lots of conditions. It is important to choose the right equipment so that the rest is comfortable and does not bring inconvenience.

What I definitely can’t do without: men's clothing for hiking

Now many people go on commercial trips, that is, they do not develop a route themselves, but go with a guide. The problem of our time is that people have money, but there is no time to train and bother with organizing a trip - it’s easier to join a commercial group. As a result, people often have no idea where they are going. Sometimes this happens in a sporting event: for the first time participating in a category campaign, beginners do not imagine what will actually happen there.

Before going hiking, you need to ask the instructor, guide or leader — the person who theoretically is responsible for you in this event — about everything and get a list of equipment from him. And if you go alone, you need to study the area suggested for hiking and the season you are going to go well: see reports, videos, read the forum, see Google Maps and all kinds of applications, because the conditions change and the more information you have, the better.

Whether I will go hiking one more time ever?

No one usually knows this. Sometimes a person buys a great deal of equipping, going hiking in the future, but after the first trip the desire disappears. This happens with most people. After my first trip to the Caucasus, I myself decided that I should sell the equipment I bought, but I still go hiking,  as it often  happens. And it happens to be vice versa too. In our store, I often see customers who say: “I will go on a trip once, because they gave me a tour in the Himalayas.” That is, a person knows for sure that he will never go anywhere again. And the approaches to choosing equipment for these people will be different.

Choose your gear for the worst possible, as everything can happen while hiking

Every year, schoolchildren, students and adults massively go to the mountains for their first hikes — since the sea is visible from the ridge, it is very beautiful. With schoolchildren went there for the autumn and spring holidays. These are two transitional seasons: in November you can start wearing shorts and finish in the snow, and in March you can start with your down jacket put on and finish wearing shorts. Therefore, we must rely on the worst conditions: low temperature, high humidity, on a bad path or its absence. And take light clothing so as not to get a heat stroke.