Choose clothes for hiking

Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is used both for protection from the cold and as an excellent solution that absorbs moisture if it is hot on the route. In thermal underwear that warms, there is a need as soon as you cross the border of snow. When passing the route in the zone, where the temperature fluctuates around 0C the use of thermal underwear is very desirable. When choosing thermal underwear, consider the temperature of its use, which is always written on the package. For summer ascents the range “from 10C to-5C”is quite enough. While choosing clothes for hiking, you should remember that in winter mountain hikes it will need for you to wear warmer models “up to-25C”.

Choose clothes for hiking: trousers

  1. Trekking trousers. They are used as universal trousers during the transfer to the mountains, during acclimatization in the valley, during the passage of simple tracks, during the days on the route. Especially popular models, which have numerous pockets to put there the necessary things during the trip: Navigator, map, nutritional bars, etc. the Vast majority of trekking trousers are made of durable, using the technology of interweaving rip stop threads and elastic fabrics that stretch well and are protected from mechanical damage. We recommend that you buy trousers with the ability to unfasten the legs of trousers, in order for you to get shorts. Choose models with water-repellent impregnation DWR, which will save you from getting wet in rainy weather.
  2. Waterproof trousers. In the mountains there exist periods when the rain pours 2-3 days in a row and not to sit at this time in a tent or hotel take these trousers with you. Lightweight, with a single membrane and water-repellent impregnation, such trousers, if unnecessary, they are easy to roll up into a compact package, they weigh very little. After rain, they dry quickly in the wind or sun.
  3. Softshell. If you are planning a mountain hike, during which you will often be within the snow areas, you will definitely need durable, lightweight and warm softshell trousers. Pay attention to the fact that these trousers had a strengthening at the bottom of the pants-to protect against sharp cats that can tear the trousers with careless movement. In cold, stormy weather, with strong winds, combined with thermal underwear will have a warm and reliable protection. The ideal solution is trousers “self-throwing off” with long zipper on the sides of the legs. They are convenient not only in terms of quick taking off or putting on during a sharp change of weather, but also in terms of the fact that the zipper on the sides is an excellent means of ventilation if the weather is hot.
  4. Trousers with insulation. These trousers are used if you are planning either winter mountain hiking or a hike in the off-season or if you are mainly above the snow area, at a high altitude (> 3000-4000 meters above sea level) during summer adventures where even in summer, in fact, winter conditions are present: low temperature, strong wind, snow.

The main distinctive features of these trousers: loose fit, strengthening the bottom, so as not to break the trousers with climbing irons, snow cuffs, high back and front, protecting your back and chest from the cold.