Catalogue of goods for tourism and leisure activities

Setting out on a journey on foot, it is difficult not to forget something important. Those set forth on their travels for the first time may even be not aware of what is of importance. The list of most necessary things is comprised based on many tourists' personal life experience. So, what you can't do without...

A backpack is one of the most importance things on hiking. You will not be able to carry away other equipment without a backpack. Choosing a backpack you should pay your attention to the cloth it is made of. The cloth should be waterproofing, and your backpack should have the thickened bottom and back, as well as convenient belts. The capacity of a backpack for man varies from 80 to 100 l, while a woman's one can be of the capacity that is up to 60 l.

A tent is your second house outdoors, so you can't do without it on a journey on foot. While choosing a tent it is needed to take into account such criteria as lightness and waterproofing and fixity. The advantage will be the existence of an anti-mosquito screen. Catalogue of goods for tourism and leisure activities suggests the wide range of the choice for tents.

A medicine box is sure to be needed on your journey, as anything may happen. The selection of medicines is defined on your own account, but unchangeable attributes remain such as iodine, brilliant green, roller-bandage, scissors, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic plaster, sorbents (absorbent carbon) and repellent (anti-mosquito protection means).

Catalogue of goods for tourism and leisure activities: what is necessary to bring with you

Matches or a lighter are needed for production of fire. Sleeping bags are for every taste and design. This is a very convenient and indispensable thing that allows you to sleep comfortably when out camping.  A mat with isorubber base holds moisture. Besides, it's warm. You can sleep on it in the warm season, and just sit by the fire.

What else? These are a mug, spoon, bowl, and knife. It would be good if the knife were multifunctional. The mess kit will help you to cook a very tasty meal on the fire. Water is needed to quench your thirst along the way. Flashlights are necessary for different purposes while you are on your journey, so you need to take with you at least one of them.

Previously when go hiking you had to bring terrain maps with you, as well as a compass. Now GPS system has combined them all. The clothes are of your choice, but it is necessary to put some pairs of socks in your backpack, T-shirts, in other words, that should be light things. Not extra equipment would be personal hygiene means: tooth brushes, toothpaste, a towel, a soap, and toilet paper. For comfortable cooking meals on a fire you will need a special wire rope for your mess kit, and salt. If you an experience and travelled tourist, you should not be lazy to give some pieces of advice and, probably, to add the list of necessary things or suggest that of your own.