Catalogue of goods for outdoor activities

While planning mountain hiking, you should take care of quality equipping, carefully think through your medicine and collect a medicine box, bring with you quality food and clothes. Catalogue of goods for outdoor activities is quite extensive in our online store.

A recreation activity will be ideal if you make a list beforehand and bring with you all the necessary things taking into account each detail. Anything may happen while hiking for several days, so, you should take care of your equipping and things indispensable on a route so that you would be ready to all surprises.

A crew setting off into mountains to spend holidays should take care of group equipping. That concerns, first, tent. Your shelter should be water- and windy-resistant, in this case, it will provide for comfortable lodging in it even when the weather conditions are critical. You will have to carry the tent by yourself, so it should not be heavy. Also, it should have two canvas layers, with the outside layer being waterproofing. The inside layer is a mosquito net with the waterproofing bottom.

A burner device, some fuel (petrol, gas). Even in the case of your planning to cook over the fire, you should bring with you a burner device that uses gas/multi fuel. The lack of firewood and the weather are capable to adjust your plans while having a burner device; you can cook hot meals and drinks irrespectively of circumstances.

Cooking pots. You should take two cooking pots for your convenience to cook main meals and tea, coffee and other drinks.

The tools kit. All that is needed is to do everything possible to make repair work of any complexity.

Reepschnur. Даже 5-10 метрам веревки диаметром до 6 мм можно найти множество применений. Even 5-10 meters of rope with a diameter of up to 6 mm can find many uses.

A compass, map.

Catalogue of goods for outdoor activities: personal equipping

A personal kit includes:

  • The choice of capacity depends on the duration of your trip, the season and weather conditions. The convenience rule says that all things should fit in a backpack (the exception is a camping mat). For a trip of 5-7 days, a backpack with a capacity of 50 to 75 or more litres will be convenient.
  • Sleeping bag. It serves in the capacity of a bed, so it must satisfy the owner a hundred percent. Its main parameter is the temperature range. It is marked on all types of sleeping bags offered for sale. It has three indicators — maximum, minimum and comfort.
  • A sleeping bag. This is a soft mat, which is placed in a tent under the sleeping bag for softness and protection against the cold raising from the ground.
  • A dining set. You should take a bowl and a mug, they are preferably to be metal ones (more reliable, more convenient, retaining heat and do not burn in a fire). Spoon — you can find an old and light aluminum, or you can buy an analog, so-called tourist spoon-fork, and it is convenient and compact.