Camping girl

Girls, as you know, are special people — give us salons, manicures, fitness clubs ... But sometimes girls also want to forget the benefits of civilization and find themselves far from the bustle of the city. Moreover, the fairer sex has recently also often preferred active and even extreme outdoor activities to “lying on a mattress”.

On the tourist slang “mattresses lovers” are called those who spend their entire vacation sunbathing on the beach. They get an even tan, but how much they lose vivid impressions! Our article is for those who nevertheless dared to get themselves away from a deck chair and went in search of wanderings, for the smoke of a bonfire, as the song says, “for the fog and for the smell of boreal forest!” And you need to go prepared into the forest.

The most important thing in the trip is shoes. It should be comfortable. It is best to take three pairs of shoes to the forest: sneakers, rubber boots in case of wet weather and flip flops, if you decide to sunbathe at the camping area. They will come in handy on the train. If the place allows, you can take spare sneakers or running shoes.

An indispensable attribute of any traveler and traveler is, of course, a backpack! There are many backpacks, the most important thing is to ensure that it is conveniently located on the back and shoulders and is spacious enough. See if there is a soft pad on the side of the backpack where it lies on the back, which straps it has (well, if they are wide and also with a soft pad inside). It is convenient when there is also a belt fastened on the stomach. You should also not take a backpack that is too deep: there is a temptation to fill it to capacity, and to carry a heavy load on yourself is not a pleasant experience.

Camping girl: clothes

Clothing that you will definitely need: trousers and a jacket “intended for the forest” — “anti-encephalitic” suits that protect against ticks, thanks to their tight-fitting sleeves and trousers, are very convenient for this purpose. Usually they come in a fashionable protective or camouflage color, which for us, of course, is the argument of not less importance!

In case of cold and rain you need a sweater and waterproof jacket or raincoat with a hood. On a body a cotton T-shirt - depending on the duration of the trip, it’s worth two or three to take them. But it would be nice to take socks and panties for every day + a spare pair, and one pair of woolen socks. Another set of clothes - pants, a T-shirt, sweater and warm socks - should be designed exclusively for sleeping. This will provide comfort in the tent - believe me, falling asleep in wet and dirty clothes is extremely disgusting. Oh yeah, a hat is also useful on cold nights!

Do not forget a swimsuit and a baseball cap or boonie hat to protect you against the sun. Moreover, “ears” made of fabric can be sewn to a baseball cap; otherwise your own ears run the risk of sunburn, which quite often happens. It’s also good to sew on an elastic band that will pass under the chin and hold the headgear, preventing it from flying off from a strong wind.

Of course, if we go on a campaign "for survival", then the things listed below we do not need. But to rest was comfortable; you still have to add something.