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What does winter wobbler stand for? A winter wobbler is a wobbler which playing while fishing by trolling vertically is similar to movements of small, weak, and sick fish. In the capacity of bait for winter fishing wobblers began being used quite long ago, but in spite of that fact, such a lure gaining growing popularity with ice fishing enthusiasts every year, with its taking the well-deserved place within their arsenal. At our online store, you can buy goods, which are: goods for fishing, hunting, and other kinds of leisure activity.

The main difference between wobblers for winter fishing and other baits is its inert or vivacious playing during vertical fishing by trolling; and as such fishing method is based on first, free dipping of a lure, wobblers are divided into two types, which are: those that dip slowly (with the weight of up to 7 grams) and wobblers that quickly dipped (with the weight of above 7 grams).

Wobblers – to buy goods for hunting, and fishing in winter

The main distinguishing features of a winter wobbler are:

  • Fasteners — it is located on the back for the lure to be in a horizontal position;
  • A depressor — it is absent in those kinds of baits for winter fishing;
  • Hooks — wobblers for winter fishing, as a rule, have two triple hooks, with the first is in the middle position under a wobbler, and the second is behind;
  • A rattle — the existence of such an accessory is obligingly condition for this kind of lures (as a rule, it represents several boluses placed directly in the wobbler's body).

It is worthwhile commenting on silicone lures separately. This kind of lures is not regarded with favour by fans of winter fishing, but it is in vain. Concerning a predator, as practice has shown, such fish nibble well not only throughout the water column, but in winter as well. The main issue is to guess its size, it shouldn't be large, and for example, for catching a perch, it should be of the size that is approximately no more than four centimeters. A rubber for a pike can be chosen of a larger size. For catching whitefish, simulation of moth or maggot is perfectly suitable, with it is obligatory that they would be saturated with an attractant.

But there is nevertheless a disadvantage about silicone baits, and that is their fear of frost. It is needed to always remember of that fact and avoid presence the bait out water for a long time, while to keep your arsenal of rubber is better in your inside pocket, keeping it warm by means of your body's temperature.

As you have seen, there are lots of lures for winter fishing. What should be preferred? The solution will be found for any kind of fish. Sure, you can attend a dedicated shop, where you can purchase a full box of different lures and check the catch efficiency with each of them any further, when you are on the ice surface. Meanwhile, we believe, that firstly, you should study out when, and on what fish the lures should be used, and after that, you can doubtlessly attend the shop and buy such a kind of lure for winter fishing, which is suitable to you.

So, the winter is already knocking at your door, and that means it is time for you to be engaged in checking your arsenal of lures for ice fishing. And, certainly, some lures for winter fishing should be bought in addition, so that you can meet the season while being prepared at a hundred per cent.