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Mountain hiking opens amazing landscapes, test tourists to their physical and mental strength; provide them with opportunities to feel them being the earliest explorers. Mountain hiking has their own secrets, and to join in participation is allowed subject to your being a member of a team of professionals and like-minded people. Buying goods for touring and outdoor activities is available in our store, where a wide assortment of different items is presented, and they will come in handy to you while you are going hiking in the mountains.

Mountain climbing and mountain hiking are considered to be different kinds of outdoor activities. While the main goal in mountain climbing is summit ascent, mountain hiking is a long journey in the mountains associated with overcoming a variety of obstacles. Travellers' physical readiness training plays a role of huge importance in mountain hiking activities, as well as their hardiness and tolerance to severe loads and heaviness in high-altitude environments.

A march along mountains is following a particular route that well-orchestrated, it leads through passes, ravines, valley glaciers, valleys, lakes, and waterfalls. Each route has its complexity degree suggesting overcoming different landscape's difficulties. The main aim of mountain hiking isn't summit ascent, but overcoming mountain passes.

Buying goods for tourism and leisure activities: kinds of travels

Great significance in mountain tourism is attached to the everyday arrangement while on hiking, as everything needed to a group's life necessities should be carried with you on your backpack, and each kilogram of your burden is felt to be especially hard while you are at a height. There exist plenty of ways to light your backpack's weight, and thus to free your physical strengths for passing.

You can arrange your journey on foot along the mountain tracks without your backpacks, or you can undertake far-reaching excursions without luggage, starting from the tourist hostel and towards nature and historic sites, or you can dare to perform tours with the support of motor vehicles. Some of such journeys on foot don't require dedicated equipping, and they are suitable to participants that haven't any experience of mountain hiking, though being in good physically fit. While journeys on foot lasting many days, with overcoming mountain passes carrying your backpacks, as well as walking along wild untrodden paths is enjoyment for genuine devotees of solitariness and primary nature.

Nothing draws people together as strongly as difficulties and experiences collectively outlived do. Hiking upon mountains is an enthralling journey, breathtaking views, dizzying sense of freedom and lively recollections for the life term.