An online store of goods for hiking

A journey on foot intended to a forest allows taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and remain at one with nature. Passing the night in the forest contributes a unique experience towards your holidays. An online store of goods for hiking offers you a wide assortment of items needed.

Preparation for hiking: goods for hiking an online store

The main issue is to prepare for hiking properly so that you would avoid different troubles capable of spoiling your holidays. Let's study out that you should not fill your backpack with everything and anything hoping that it will come in handy. The heavier your backpack is, the less comfortable your hiking will be.

So, after you have packed everything, it is worthwhile to think one more time and unpack your backpack and leave things that you believe to be not very useful and are unlikely to come in handy. If you are setting off for a forest for only 1-2 days, it will be enough for you to have a minimum of equipping that can be accommodated in your backpack with the capacity of 20-30 liters (if it is not winter).

As you are planning to sleep outdoor, you should decide whether you need a tent or a sleeping bag, or you can also arrange shelter for yourself and sleep on fir twigs or a camping mat with pleasure.

When camping, you need to take the weather into account. If it is expected to be cold, a sleeping bag will not be an extra thing. Since its size and weight depend directly on the temperature when it is exploited.

If you want to arrange shelter for yourself, you should bring a tent with you, choosing it in such a way, so that all participants of hiking would accommodate there. If you are setting off for a forest all by yourself, it will be enough for you to choose a tent for 1-2 persons. If the weather forecast promises rains, it is better to take a two-layers tent or a separate canvass that can be spread over a tent and protect it against the rain.

What else you need to take with you

We should consult with more experienced colleagues or make a list of necessary things. A medicine box should be included in the list by all means. It isn't worthwhile to ignore it or forget about it, especially if you are camping all by yourself.

We bring a compass with us, some matches (but flint and steel is better), some water, a small cooking pot and a mug. We can also take a small flashlight and personal supplies.

You need some dishes so that you would be comfortable while cooking your meals, and a small cooking pot will come in handy for dinner for 1-2 persons. You also need a bowl and a mug by all means. It will not be excellent hiking without tea or coffee. You should also bring a spoon with you to eat meals cooked over the campfire.

Besides that, when you are going to the forest, you need to take a knife with you. It must not be a low-quality knife. It should cut vegetables and meat, and chop up tiny boughs of a tree with it. You might even need to hone a pole. While camping, a knife should be placed into the sheath. By doing that, you can avoid unwanted injuries.

You don't have to take an ax or chainsaw with you if you are going hiking for two days. However, with an ax you can quickly arrange the campsite and stock up firewood for a campfire.