buy goods for hiking

As the weather gets warmer a growing number of families are getting themselves out of the stuffy city flats setting off for nature trip, in a forest. These holiday-makers think through the routes, make supplies of food for a picnic but only a few of them are concerned about safety. Meanwhile, such carelessness can lead to real trouble. If you buy goods for hiking that will make it easier to survive, your recreation activity is sure to be more comfortable and safe.

A forest is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Admiring powerful pines, gathering mushrooms or following a bird, you run the risk to find yourself deeper in the wilds and lose your way. Remember, that it is easier to prevent the emergency than to find the way out of unwanted circumstances when they have occurred. So, before you set off for a forest, don't forget about essential issues that can save your life.

Buying goods for hiking: safety rules while in a forest

  1. In summer you should wear bright coloured clothes (green and brown tones are unwanted), in that case you can be seen from long distance, and the chance of your blending into surroundings is minimal.
  2. Put some bright shreds, twine, or multicoloured sticker Labels into your backpack. You can mark trees and bushes with them in case you lose your way and try to find a path.
  3. Make supplies of drinking water and medicine.
  4. Bring a charged mobile phone with you.
  5. Put a box of matches and a compass into the pocket of your jacket.
  6. Don’t forget about a minimal set of products in case you get lost. You should give your preferences to chocolate or granola bars, sandwiches, cheese cut into pieces.
  7. An adult should have a folding pocket knife and some fireworks in his backpack (you can frighten away wild animals and send SOS signals using fireworks).
  8. Keep your relatives and friends aware about where you are setting off and how long you are going to stay there.

In case you have decided to change the destination of your hiking, inform your relatives by phone before you go into the forest. It should be made so that they would know where approximately to search for you if you disappear.

How to get ready your kid for a march to the forest:

  1. Tell your child about what is waiting for him in the forest. Find some pictures of wild animals on the Internet, as well as forest plants, eatable berries and mushrooms. Instruct your child how to orientate himself amid a forest flora and fauna.
  2. Watch some adventure and edutainment films about forest nature together with your child. Read books where character set off for a walk in a forest or learn its nature.
  3. While playing, you should conduct a discussion with your child on how he should act it he happens to get lost in the forest.
  4. Instruct your child how to make a camp fire and build a simple shelter using branches.