Advantages of the NISUS Dry Bags

Advantages of the NISUS Dry Bags

A dry bag is an irreplaceable companion for any tourist who likes water activities and those who likes hiking. After all, nobody can guarantee the fine weather during the whole trip.

A high quality dry bag, made of modern materials, can withstand light rain and heavy showers, and even real storms. Falling overboard doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your equipment and documents. A good dry bag will save everything that has been put into it. 

So, why is it worth choosing exactly NISUS dry bags? Because we have our own production and thoroughly control every step of it. The absolute quality of PVC, which our dry bags are made of, guarantees your belongings’ complete safety from moisture even in extreme conditions. This fabric is solid, durable, and water-resistant. A PVC dry bag will be in use for such an extended period of time that you’ll get bored of it. In this case, you can hand it down to younger travelers.

NISUS dry bags don’t have weak spots because of the punching bag shape! For this very reason a PVC dry bag doesn’t crack because it doesn’t have bends. Fastex closure on the top of the dry bag fixes it hermetically. So it doesn’t give water the slightest chance to soak inside. 

You can place all that you need into your dry bag: a camera, tablet, power bank, laptop, lanterns, documents, cosmetics, and hygiene items. You’ll take all these undamaged out on the shore. Here are some life hacks. Сover your electronic equipment and devices with something soft so that they won’t become damaged after possible bumps and falls. It will be perfect if you put all of your electronics and belongings covered with your sleeping bag into your dry bag. This way, you get a triple bonus:

  • your devices stay dry;
  • your belongings stay safe and sound even after falling;
  • your sleeping bag stays dry too.

It’s great, isn’t it? While hiking or rafting, the dryness of your sleeping bag and other warm clothes is essential. This is a striking reason for purchasing a NISUS dry bag.

We nearly forgot to mention one more unique thing. This dry bag is made of polyester, and is inserted right into a backpack. If you have many things with you and you don’t have any room for an extra dry bag, the NISUS polyester dry bag will come to your assistance.

This is a lightweight waterproof bag that is placed into a backpack and where you can put all your necessary belongings. After that, you just need to fasten it, close the backpack and you are all set - your belongings are safely protected.  Even if the backpack  gets wet, the dry bag made of RipStop polyester won't let water get inside.

NISUS dry bags are the best investment in high-quality gear!

 You can buy NISUS dry bags on our online store.

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