A store of goods for hiking

There is not any need for you to buy leisure gear and equipping of high profile for simple and safe kinds of mountains hiking, such as, for example, trekking or green tourism. It will be enough only to buy clothes, shoes, a tent, and a sleeping bag that are suitable for hiking. All these things are sold in dedicated stores and thanks to technological progress, the choice for leisure gear and equipping for tourists is huge. Now you can buy dedicated clothes for outdoor recreation available on the shelves of such stores, with such equipping being able to “breath”, but simultaneously doesn't allow moisture and wind to penetrate under it. The store of goods for hiking offers the wide range of items with which it will be much more comfortable and safe while camping.

But for such kind of mountain hiking as mountain climbing, sure, you need to buy dedicated clothes. And the most important part of a mountain climber’s equipping are shoes. While buying them, it is forbidden to spare your money, because the life of a tourist depends on his shoes. It would be the best decision if you ask for advice and the tips of the seller when buying such an important part of your wardrobe.

A store of goods for hiking: how to protect yourself in the mountains

A danger in the mountains can be of different degrees, and everything depends, as a rule, on many factors. External factors can be dangerous, such as hard relief or bad weather. But physiological factors aren’t allowed to be written off an account, as heavy load on the body and lack of air very often becomes dangerous. Another danger may arise from the psychological aspects. Very often people lose vigilance, feeling extreme or stop focusing on the environment while thinking only about what a bad and not friendly team gathered. Therefore, setting off for the mountains, be sure to think through all the small details to avoid accidents.

First, you need to choose the right route that will promote good health. As a rule, the ascent should occur from lower to higher points, so that acclimatization occurs gradually, and the person does not suffocate from lack of air.

Secondly, you need to choose the right team. It is the best solution to assemble those people who are more or less familiar and in life encountered in different situations while going to set off for climbing the mountains.

Thirdly, you should always be ready to the fact that unpleasant “surprises” may occur on the route and in this case you will have to react quickly. As a rule, before the trip, the team leader collects all the necessary information about the route chosen. But such data are collected from tourists who have already climbed up and it is unclear whether they have not missed some details or just forgot to report. Therefore, you should always be vigilant at every step of the mountain route.