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A picnic is quite an interesting entertainment for the family, a group of friends, or work fellows. Despite the simplicity of such a kind of leisure activity, the careful arrangement is needed. This is because nobody will like if while in hiking you will discover that something necessary is missing. For this reason, before you leave for your journey on foot, you should think about a plan for the whole event. In the first instance you should consider the duration of your picnic, as you may be out of town for only some hours, or your journey may last for several days. When an active season has started, you can purchase goods for sports and leisure activities at our online store.

According to the events have been planned, you need to make a list of things needed. It would be better if some people who are responsible and experienced in hiking will be engaged in composing the list. In the case of your not finding such persons, you should arm yourself with a pen and notebook and write down all that will come to mind. And in the capacity of a tip, this article will serve you.

An active season: goods for sports and leisure activities you can't do without

So, if it is supposed by your plans to take a holiday outdoor for several days, it is necessary for you to provide yourself with tents. And their number will depend on the participant's quantity spending their holiday with you and the capacity of a tent itself. If you are planning to recreate outdoor without staying overnight, it isn't obligingly to bring a tent with you, but it is allowed. In a hot day it will protect you against heat, while when it is cloudy, it will give you shelter during the rain.

Next, you should prepare and bring some blankets with you or sleeping bags. All understand what they are needed for. A blanket can be applied as material to spread under for you to sit. If the possibility exists, you can bring with you some camping foam mats, they will be convenience to sit on cold ground. Waterproof cloth will be in handy too; you can spread it on the damp ground, moreover, if it was raining the day before.

Whether any recreational activities can be imagined without camp fire? Arranging of camp fire should be performed with abiding regulations of fire safety by everybody. There should be not any forestland located nearby, so that for you to avoid spreading the fire onto trees crown.

An outdoors grill will be a thing necessary for performing a picnic. You should not to forget to pick up skewers and grills for cooking meat or fish with you. You can bring a set for barbecue with you, which includes all items needed for preparing grilled meat. It will not excessive to pick up a cooking pot for tea or fish broth.

We should mention firewood in a separate paragraph. If you are going to attend the place favored by all long ago, you can be sure that there is not any firewood there. It means you should bring them with you, or prepare while at home, or buy a ready bag of coal in a shop. Matches, smooth elm, paper, and gloves must be reposed in your car boot.

Here can also be included some tools: a hunting knife, wood chopper, shovel, saw blade, repairing kit (yarn with a needle, scissors, screw turn, bodkin, grindstone, sealing tape).

In the absence of an outdoor grill, you can arrange the place for camp fire with your own hands. For that purpose, you need to dig a hole of a depth of 20-30 cm, face it with stones that can be found nearby. And in trench shaped by you, it is allowed to rekindle a fire. The next thing, you should set up forked sticks and a crossbar the cooking pot will be hanging on.